Wedding Gift Registry - Crystal Ballroom BW

When I got married over five years ago, I had heard of a wedding gift registry, but I’d never really knew what it was for. When my maid of honor suggested that I do one of these, I had to admit that I didn’t know what I was doing. She told me that I go to the store of my choice, and ask if they have such a registry. If they do, they will give me all the information that I need. Even though I felt very funny about it, I went ahead and did it anyway.

I’m not sure why I did this. The thought of a wedding gift registry leaves me cold. Though many of the people that I know have used one, I felt it was something that I didn’t need. My husband and I had been together for quite awhile before we got married, and it wasn’t like we needed a lot of things for our home. It also felt to me like I was telling people what to buy me. I know this is the whole idea behind a wedding gift registry, but it left me feeling very uncomfortable. In the end, I don’t think I told many people that it was even there.

No matter how I feel, I know that a wedding gift registry is a great idea for many couples. If you’re a young couple and you are buying your first home, a wedding gift registry can assure you that those who are coming to your wedding will know exactly what you need. There are many guests who will greatly appreciate this. It is one thing to get someone an unwanted gift for Christmas or their birthday, and it is quite another to get them a bad wedding gift. Many people don’t know what to get a new couple, and this is the perfect way to give them ideas.

Remember when making your wedding gift registry that you should be realistic. You know the financial state of most of your friends and family, and you should keep this in mind when you are putting together your registry. If your family does not have a lot of money, you are wasting your time by putting very expensive items under wedding gift registry. Though you may be dreaming of getting these items, it is not realistic for you to expect your family to get those things for you. If these are things that you really want, you should save up and get them yourselves. Always make sure each item on your wedding gift registry is realistic in price, so that your family may get you things that you really want and will enjoy.