One of the best ways to go about celebrating a mom-to-be is by planning a baby shower. These events provide the expecting mother with a chance for her closest friends and family to play games, enjoy conversation, and shower the mother with all of the items that she needs upon the baby’s arrival.

Though the tradition has been around for decades, each year brings different themes and designs to take advantage of. In the last few months of 2018, we’ve seen some pretty incredible ideas come up! Check them out below.


Black & White Monochrome

If the couple is waiting to find out the gender of their baby, then you might want to find a theme that isn’t heavy in pink or blue. A black and white monochrome theme is a perfect option for these types of scenarios, and they also make for an overall classy feel.


Cactus Theme

A design that has been very popular this year has been succulents and cactus, so why not incorporate it into your baby shower concept? This theme provides you with the opportunity to bring a bunch of colors into your design. This is another great idea for parties where you don’t want to be overly focused on one gender.


Forest Friends

While we’re talking about themes that add a touch of nature to the party, let’s talk about a design that we’re absolutely in love with: forest themed! This theme allows you to showcase all types of cute animals, warm colors, and a bunch of fun decorations. This is an especially fun theme if the baby’s room is going to have a similar theme.


Boho Chic

Another theme that has been pretty popular in fashion and in design is the boho chic look. This design brings in the flowy touch of dreamcatchers and the pastel colors of the hippie culture. There is a lot of low-key decor that can make this into one of the sweetest baby shower designs. It’s also very easy to dress this type of theme up or down — so figure out what works best for you.



This is another theme that sticks to two different colors that work perfectly together and can turn into a variety of themes. Though commonly associated with the lumberjack theme, red and black buffalo plaid can easily turn into a mountain themed baby shower. This one also leaves a lot of opportunity for the decor that you choose to use.


So Many Options!

There are so many different themes that can be used for baby showers and today’s blog post only mentions a few. We are excited to be a part of whichever design you choose to go with and can help you put the finishing touches on your special event.

The team at Crystal Ballroom makes it easy for you to plan your big events. From weddings to baby showers and everything in between, we can provide you with all of the decor and design that you need to make this baby shower one that your friend will always remember.

Browse our off-site design pricing and packages. Make sure to contact us with any questions that you have or to book your event. We can’t wait to work with you!